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Large Scale Absurdities

Large Scale Absurdities is an anthology of animated short films created in the scarce and scattered moments of respite between other projects. These films are created as ventures into the realm of whimsical experimentation.  They are opportunities of blowing off some creative steam, unleashing any left-overs of ingenuity and exploring new techniques, aesthetics, tonalities and ideas. They are the results of allowing myself to indulge in the joy of the medium and to explore the myriad of improbable, imbecilic and absurd ideas that cloud my mind in normal days. 

Each film stands on its own, as an independent work. The anthology embraces an eclectic mix of animation techniques, 
styles, aesthetics, and tonalities and presents a tapestry of diversity bordering on the heteroclite. Traditional hand-drawn cel animation, digital 2D vector animation, 3D computer generated imagery, cut out, stop motion, claymation and so on: each film is the result of a commitment to commit to nothing, but instead to embrace experimentation in the full spectrum of animation techniques, as well as the exploration of the vast array of genres and moods, traversing the entire emotional spectrum. 

If these were produced by a “real” studio they would be considered as “research and development” projects.

But they are not.

Latest addition to the anthology,
currently (trying to get) in the festival circuit


Films in the anthology

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