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Large Scale Absurdities, Vol.1 (2015)

Animated Short Film

Animation technique: Cut-out animation

Duration: 1'45"

Format: Full HD (1080p)

Festival participations and screenings:

Good Things / Small Packages, Little Rock, Arkansas (2016)

IndieFEST Film Awards, San Diego (2015)

Awards and distinctions:

Award of Recognition in the IndieFEST Film Awards for the film Large Scale 

Absurdities Vol.1

This is a short film.
A very short film.
It is in black and white and we should specify that it is an animated film.
Frankly, there is nothing much one can say about it.



The film was created from animated sequences that didn't survive the editing process of Workhouse (2012). The sequences laid unused for a couple of years and, not being able to throw them away, I compiled them into this short animation.

I can not recall if I originally intended to create a series or an anthology out of this, but it is highly probable that the addition of "Vol. 1" in the title was just a part of the overall sense of absurdity that led the entire creation of the project.

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