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Large Scale Absurdities, Vol.2 (2016)

Animated Short Film

Animation technique: Traditional 2D animation combined with live-action footage

Duration: 8'15"

Format: Full HD (1080p)


ANIMAFEST, Paphos (2016)


This is a short film.
Not as short as others may be!
And it's in color, which is quite a surprise given the animator's style.
We should specify that it is an animated film as well.
That's about it.


In November 2015 we created a crowdfunding campaign to finance the opening of Kimonos Art Center in Paphos, Cyprus. One of the perks we offered to contributors was to have them included as executive producers of an animated film. At the end of each week of the campaign (there were four) a film was completed and published. people who donated a certain amount were included as executive producers of that specific short. The four resulting shorts were combined in 2016 in this installement of the anthology.

A fifth film, Csárdás for Penelope, was also created in the same context, using a puppet (Penelope) created by Sylvia Nicolaides. The film was created as an extra, surprise gift to our contributors, but was not included in this compilation, because it did not match the ensemble thematically or tonally.

As if the rest of them had any kind of thematical or tonal coherence.

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