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Large Scale Absurdities, Vol.3: Docile Town (2019)

Animated Short Film

Animation technique: Traditional 2D animation combined with live-action footage

Duration: 8'15"

Format: Full HD (1080p)


Hell breaks progressively loose in an otherwise calm town.


The film was created while working for the feature length documentary Science and Orthodoxy Around the World by Christos Panagos.

Festival participations and screenings:

Athens Animfest (2019)

Sharing Perama (2019)

SEE Film Festival (2019)

SKETCHPAD: Quand nos enfants seront grands (October 2019, exhibition in the gallery Topographie de l’Art in Paris)

ANIMATOR Festival (July 2019, Poznan, Poland)

Oaxaca FilmFest (October 2019, Mexico)

Animation Marathon (November 2019, Athens)

Anilogue International Animation Festival (November 2019, Budapest)

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