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Documentary for a press that was never found (2016)

Short Documentary

Duration: 23'

Format: Full HD (1080p)

Festival participations:

London Greek Film Festival (2017)

Film Egypt Festival (2017)

AEI Film Festival, Cyprus (2017)

Paphos International Film Festival (out of competition) (2016)


In the 1980s, through the mediation of print-maker Hambis Tsangaris, the Union of Soviet Artists donated four printing presses to Cyprus with the aim to promote the art of printmaking in the island. The purpose was to place one in each of the four main cities of the island.

The press donated to the town of Paphos remained unused for a long time, kept at the House of Letters and Arts of the city, until the council of the House decided to give it to the Municipality of Paphos for safekeeping in the industrial area of Koloni.

In 2015, when artists Charalambos Margaritis and Yiannis Sakellis inquired the Municipality to know about the possibility of borrowing the press for Kimonos Art Center, the responses were anything but clear. It gradually became obvious that no one had any idea what they were talking about.

In searching for the press, the artists realized that it was not stored in the Municipality's warehouses. A subsequent investigation led them to the conclusion that the printing press was most likely sold for scrap metal by the Municipality.

This documentary captures the search for the press, following the two artist navigating the labyrinth of municipal offices, public services, warehouses, and scrap metal collection yards.

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