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(working title)


This experiment is designed to combine aleatory and algorithmic multicursivity in the same film.

It also aims at combining scene multicursivity with shot multicursivity and frame multicursivity.


It presents the story of a detective searching for a missing person. Not being able to find her, he develops an obsession on the case and progressively goes mad. [Very loosely based on Geoff Dryer's novel The Search]. The aesthetics of the film will be based on film noir.


The film will be structured in three acts.

The software will initially randomly choose between one of the three acts.

The narrative parts of the act selected will be played - following its internal structure.

As soon as the presentation of the act is completed, the software will chose one of the two remaining randomly and play it (once again, following its internal structure). When it's over, play the last one.

In contrast with On the Seamlessness of Trees, the film of this experiment has an end.

Also in contrast with On the Seamlessness of Trees, this films attempts to present to present a more precise story. The experiment is designed to test out the limits of precision at which one may aim within this creative framework.

Each Act's mode of déroulement will be structured following a different logic.

Also, each Act will be subdivided in a different way:

Act 01: Loss

Presenting the background story - the backstory of the missing person, how the detective became invovlved through the search itself.

This Act will be subdivided in shots (as in On the Seamlessness of Trees).


Act 02: Obsession

Presenting the spiral of the detective into obsession, through his notes and through accounts of people who knew him (friends and colleagues)

This Act will be presented as a photoroman à la Chris Marker's La Jetée combined with multicursivity at the level of individual frames (as in minutiae01).

Act 03: Oblivion

A more abstract psychological presentation of the event, combined with a presentation of life returning to normal and both the missing person and the detective becoming forgotten after a while.

This Act will present shots of animated film in random order (as in On the Seamlessness of Trees).

This Act will combine multicursivity of shots (as in On the Seamlessness of Trees) and multicursivity at the level of individual frames (as in minutiae01).

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